Housing loans – any guidelines?


  • The general rule of thumb is that the value of the property that you purchase should cost no more than 3 times of your annual household income. 
  • The monthly loan repayment should not exceed 1/3 of your gross monthly income.
  • The financial institution will also take into account your other liabilities including credit cards, hire purchase loans and/ or personal loans.
  • You may proceed to use the Loan calculator on our Home page for you to calculate your monthly repayment when you are considering to purchase a property.
  • The financial institution requires a valuation if you are buying a completed property to provide an indication the property is worth what you are paying for.
  • In general, you will need the following documents when applying for your loan (not exhaustive):-

If you are a salaried employee:
(a) Letter of appointment (for new employee);
(b) Latest three months’ salary slip;
(c) Latest three months’ bank statements to show the salary credited;
(d) EA form;
(e) EPF statement;
(f) Latest Income tax return form (Borang BE); and
(g) A photostated copy of your IC (identity card).

If you are self-employed:
(a) Latest income tax return form (Borang B);
(b) Latest two years’ audited accounts / trading accounts;
(c) Form 24 & 49 & Company Registration;
(d) Business registration form (A/D);
(e) Six months’ bank statements (personal account);
(f) 12 months’ bank statements (company account);
(g) A photostated copy of your IC (identity card); and
(h) Other supporting income documents.

  • There will be some costs involved in your application of the loan that you will have to pay.
  • Kindly confirm with the financial institution to obtain a better clarification of the charges involved.

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