FREEHOLD -    Gated & guarded community with multi-tiered security & patrolling services -    Exclusive clubhouse facilities with swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, multi-purpose hall, games room & cafeteria
Dawn of a new home style
Located in Batu Caves Industrial Park that comes ready with established amenities. Direct linkage to major hotspots. Nexus of 4 major highways. A vibrant crowd from neighbouring townships.
Imagine opening the windows of your home and being welcomed by a gentle summer breeze. Imagine stepping out of your home and seeing the world in contemporary colours right within your reach.
A mere 10-minutes drive to Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Bayu makes traffic jams and missed appointments a thing of the past. Don’t feel like driving?
Located in Jejarom, Sri Jaromas is designed to set the pace for change, Rosa semi-detached bungalows comprise everything you could ever wish for and much more.
There is nothing more valuable than to find peace and calmness in ones own home.
Feel safe to let your kids roam the gardens and most importantly feel free to be at home wherever you are as stringent modern security systems such as perimeter fencing with CCTVs offers round-the-clock protection.
Nestled a mere stone's throw away from the lush Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve, Bukit Tengku is your passport to a life enriched by the beauty of nature.

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