About Us

Kim Realty is one of Malaysia’s foremost real estate agencies, highly respected, counting its ranks among the best in the property industry, offering a complete range of real estate agency services.The success story of Kim Realty demonstrates that the accolade of The Choice Realtor of
the day is reaped through strong leadership and sheer determination.

Founded in 1980 by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Vincent Ng, Kim Realty has grown from
strength to strength. It is a vibrant company that overcame many adversities in the face
volatile market conditions and economic recessions.

Our agency is unique because in addition to handling the sale and rental of secondary
market commercial or residential properties; which most other real estate agencies also do,
we in Kim Realty specialize in two more activities: Project Marketing and Auctioned Project
Marketing. This is what sets us apart from the other agencies.

To remain in the forefront of this industry we always emphasize the need to understand our
clients as well as strengthen our bonds with them. It is these emphases which underpin our
goal of providing impeccable service to our clients that has seen Kim Realty grow from a
once small company to the finest and most reputable local real estate agency

The enlightened words of Sun Tzu ‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized’ that Kim
Realty can proudly identify with, encapsulate a business philosophy that recognizes that a
growing business is built on an endless supply of opportunities created by a good name and
clients’ satisfaction. This is the philosophy that has made us the top local real estate agent
today and surely of the future.

For any enquiries and informations, please contact us at +603 7729 9988 or enquiry@kimrealty.com.my